An excellent selection of tattoo designs in Rensselaer, NY

A Vita Tattoo provides expert tattooing in a state-of-the-art studio with professional, highly trained artists. We can help create the perfect tattoo designs. Our tattoo designs can be as small as a delicate butterfly resting on your shoulder to a map of the world across your back. We have a huge array of tattoo designs, some popular tattoo designs include words, skulls, and roses. Whether you know exactly what you're after or want to talk through your tattoo ideas, contact A Vita Tattoo in Rensselaer, NY and take the first steps towards impressive new artwork. "For life” is what a vita means in Italian. In our view, tattooing and piercing is an art. Your body is the canvas. We’re in this business for life!

Experienced artists

Our team of artists is comprised of highly experienced professionals. We have been providing beautiful, elaborate tattoo designs and permanent makeup in Rensselaer for years, and have a huge list of satisfied customers. Putting on eye liner every morning and each time you go out is time consuming. Plus, it smudges. A Vita Tattoo has a solution for you - permanent makeup. You never have to worry about applying eye liner again! Have it tattooed right onto your eyes. Every time you wake up, your eyes will be made up.

Realize your vision

Many people have a tattoo in mind for years before finally booking to see their vision realized. If you have an idea in mind, whether it's fully formed or still in the early stages, drop in and have a chat with our team in Rensselaer. We can create tattoo designs based on your plans, and ensure it is well suited to its intended location.

Fantastic advice

If you're considering your first tattoo, have an older piece that needs retouching, or would like to alter an existing design, drop in and see us today. Our tattoo artists can offer fantastic advice, and present a range of options that may appeal to you. Got a question about our tattoo process or work? Don’t hesitate to call us. Or, stop by our shop in Rensselaer to see some tattoo design samples and book your tattoo date! When it comes to tattoos, there’s no better place to get inked!


I always feel funny describing myself or my family, but that's what we are at A Vita Tattoo, a tattoo family. A Vita means "For Life" in Italian and we are definitely all in this for life. It's not a job; it's our passion in life. So I decided this page would make more sense if you could see what other people think about A Vita Tattoo and our passion.

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