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What is tooth jewelry?

 Awesome is what it is! The application of dental jewel is completely painless and does not require any anesthesia. No pain, just fun, in 10 minutes you can have a Swarovski crystal, 18 karat White Gold or 24 karat Gold design sparkling on your tooth. The jewelry is bonded to the enamel like an orthodontic bracket. The process is similar to placing sealants on a child’s tooth.
 If you have ever known anyone who has had braces, then you know they leave no mark on the tooth. This is the same with tooth jewelry, let it sparkle as long as you like then just ask your dentist to polish the jewelry off … or keep it and enhance your smile for many years.

Can anyone get dental jewelry?

You must be 18 with photo ID (16 and up with parental consent) and as long as the tooth you want the jewel attached to is healthy, you are a suitable candidate.
Does the jewel impede brushing or teeth cleanings?
No, the presence of the jewelry will not make any difference regarding dental hygiene. Initially something on your tooth will feel different, but a few days after the application you will get used to the new feeling.
You can and should still have your teeth cleaned by a professional. The jewelry will not cause a problem for the hygienist cleaning your teeth. The area underneath the jewel is sealed like a filling and will not let in any bacteria. The hygienist can easily polish on top and around the jewel with a soft point.

How long does the dental jewel last?

Your jewelry can last a relatively long time and will usually stay on until you decide to have it removed. How you care for your teeth and the amount of stress put on the decorated tooth can cause this time to vary. Based on our experience it will certainly stay on for 6 months and can stay up to several years.
Cost ?
Only $55 for years worth of bling!
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