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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

1.Keep tattoo covered for at least one hour and no longer that 4 hours.
2. NEVER touch a fresh tattoo without washing your hands with antibacterial soap first.
3. Remove bandage and clean thoroughly with antibacterial soap and warm water. Rinse away all surface blood, plasma, and ointment. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and let air dry. (If bandage sticks to tattoo... soak in cool water until it falls off)
4. DO NOT re-bandage tattoo. Keep tattoo fresh and open to air.
5.Apply a VERY thin layer on antibiotic ointment, for example A&D, Redemption Aftercare, H2Ocean 3 times a day. If ointment looks “wet” or “greasy” pat dry with a paper towel. DO NOT overuse ointments.
6. After three days switch to a fragrance free hand lotion, for example Cetaphil, , Lubriderm. Apply 3-4 times a day for seven days Or continue with the use of your Redemption Aftercare.
7. DO NOT expose tattoo to direct sunlight or UV rays for two weeks.
8.DO NOT swim or soak in any water. NO pool, lake, river, sauna, tub, jacuzzi for at least 10 days. Shower as usual.
9.As your tattoo heals it may appear dry dry or dull. Do not worry this is normal. Simply apply a high quality, non allergenic lotion. 
10, DO NOT take advice on how to care for your tattoo from anyone other than your artist! Not to be rude but we do this for a living and most likely know more about tattooing and the healing process than your grandma or your friends. If you have any questions about what product to use and if it will work please contact us.

***If a rash occurs or tattoo stays sensitive, discontinue use of products and please contact your artist. More than likely this is from excess use of ointment or an allergic reaction to the lotion.
***If you believe an infection has occurred please contact us at A Vita Tattoo and consult your physician.

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